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Integrated supplier for tools, industrial equipment and accessories

"All from a single source"


For developing and maintaining dynamic partnerships with common goals, PREMASWERK SRL offers its customers:

Centralization and rationalization of specific catalogs, alternative brands, totaling over 150,000 standard items.

Assisted technical support through the sales team. Both in territory and in the office we are ready to take over our customers demands and provide optimal solutions transposing them into personalized offers.

Optimizing the delivery time. Stock items provided by our partners, the delivery of which can be standard, within 3-4 days after placing the order, customized logistics requirements can be also satisfied or express deliveries within 24-48 hours.

Quality management. Certification EN ISO 9001:2015.

Certification EN ISO 9001:2015

Products "All from a single source"


Drills, countersinks, counterbores, broaches, reamers, taps, dies, metal slitting saw, shell end milling cutters, end milling cutters, HSS, HSS-Co, Carbide, hacksaw blades, circular saw blades,knurling tools, turning tools with carbide-tipped blades etc.

Cutting tools

Toolholders and cutting inserts for turning, boring, milling, threading and drilling.

Clamping tools

Drill chucks, reduction sleeves, tool adapters, toolholders, devices for tapping, collets, puul studs, lathe centers, magnets, magnetic plates, mechanical and hydraulic vices, clamping kits, clamping blocks, toggle clamps etc.

Measurement and control tools

Calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, quick calipers, magnetic measuring stands, heigh gauge, vee blocks, 3D tester, probes, squares, protractors, compasses, marking tools, finishing pastes, rulers, levels, gauges, foil/strips calibrated gauge, magnifying glasses, timers, folding rules, pocket tapes, laser distance measuring devices, Hardness tester, roughness gauges, thermometers, scales, etc.

Abrasive tools

Engineer’s files, precision files, special files, file handles, diamond files, burrs, grinding points, diamond and CBN grinding points, polishing paste, flap wheels, abrasive discs, flap discs, grinding wheels, diamond cutting-off discs, cutting-off discs, endless abrasive belts, abrasive brushes, hacksaws, hacksaw blades, cores, etc.

Hand Tools

Wrenches, ring wrenches, combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches, Allen wrenches, workshop screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, sockets, ratchet, impact sockets, bits, screwdrivers for electricians / VDE, multimeters, infrared thermometers , thermo-hygrometers, tachometers, devices for measuring temperature and humidity, luxmeter, sound level meters, voltage testers, pliers, pincers, pliers for electricians / VDE, scissors, stripping knives, crimping pliers circlip pliers, pop riveters, staplers, endoscopes, cutters, chisels, punches, handles and blades for deburring, guillotines, waterpump pliers, pipe cutter, sheet metal punches, pipe vices, hammers, nonsparking tools, bench vices , anvil, bearing extractors, screw clamps, lever clamps, levers, brushes, rollers, trowels, buckets, shovels, wheelbarrows, brooms, labeling machines, punches, markers, soldering stations, planes, linear, drills for wood, hacksaws, axes, devices for welding electrodes for welding , manometers, welding tables and protection panels, containers for substances, cooling systems for machines, compressed air pistols, hose clamps, pneumatic accessories (nipples, safety couplings), sprays for cutting, cleaning and degreasing, adhesives, silicone, adhesives for sealing, epoxy, adhesive tapes, tapes for marking , sprays for marking, straps elevator elements, padlocks, boxes and bags for tools, flashlights, extension cords, cables, batteries, etc.

Electric and pneumatic tools

Drills, screwdrivers, tappers, straight grinders, angle grinders, drills with magnetic base, impact drills, grinding machines, glaying machines, metal sheet scissors, jigsaws, sword saws, circular saws, belt grinding machines, deburring and veneering, double grinding machines, Multimaster, hand mixers, drill sharpening machines, submersible pumps, generators, mixers, heating systems, industrial vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners, glue guns, staplers, eccentric sanders, compressors, presses, bending machines, etc.

Workshop equipment – Industrial furniture

Workshop trolleys, bench trolleys, workbenches, mobile work benches, carts for barrels, barrel stands, retention trays, gas tank trolleys, shelves for tire storage, stands for materials, lifting tables, lifting trucks, lifting platforms, workshop cranes, slings, chains, hoists, lifting magnets , horizontal cranes, spare wheel for carts, roller conveyors, racks for pallets, metal boxes for transport, metal chip trolleys, trash cans, canister for chemicals, barrels, storage boxes, containers for chemicals, safety containers , cans, storage cabinets for chemicals, stands and packaging for waste, cabinets with drawers, dividers for drawers, workstations, storage cabinets, tool carts, computer stands, tool holders carts, tool cabinets for CNC tools, perforated panels, workshop trolleys with storage bins, lockers, benches for lockers, cabinets for cleaning tools, working rugs, workshop ergonomic chairs, office ergonomic chairs, storage shelves, wide-span shelves, labeling machines, marking accessories, ladders, industrial vacuums, cleaning equipment, medical kits, fire extinguishers, tables and accessories for packaging, ashtrays and outdoor waste bins, bulletin boards, office equipment and accessories, etc.

Protective equipment

Safety Shoes / boots, rubber boots, protective gloves, protective goggles, ear protection, earplugs, respirators, protective helmets, jackets, vests,tshirts, pants, sweaters, overalls, coveralls, aprons, soaps, creams and lotions for hand cleaning and protection, first aid kits, etc.

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PREMASWERK SRL is the exclusive representative of Friedrich Delker GmbH & Co. KG in Romania. The partnership with the German supplier is a dedicated system for industrial field, developed to provide its clients the resources that define the concept of "Integrated Supplier”: quality products and service, the best ratio price-quality and availability for delivery.

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