Workshop equipment – Industrial furniture

Workshop trolleys, bench trolleys, workbenches, mobile work benches, carts for barrels, barrel stands, retention trays, gas tank trolleys, shelves for tire storage, stands for materials, lifting tables, lifting trucks, lifting platforms, workshop cranes, slings, chains, hoists, lifting magnets , horizontal cranes, spare wheel for carts, roller conveyors, racks for pallets, metal boxes for transport, metal chip trolleys, trash cans, canister for chemicals, barrels, storage boxes, containers for chemicals, safety containers , cans, storage cabinets for chemicals, stands and packaging for waste, cabinets with drawers, dividers for drawers, workstations, storage cabinets, tool carts, computer stands, tool holders carts, tool cabinets for CNC tools, perforated panels, workshop trolleys with storage bins, lockers, benches for lockers, cabinets for cleaning tools, working rugs, workshop ergonomic chairs, office ergonomic chairs, storage shelves, wide-span shelves, labeling machines, marking accessories, ladders, industrial vacuums, cleaning equipment, medical kits, fire extinguishers, tables and accessories for packaging, ashtrays and outdoor waste bins, bulletin boards, office equipment and accessories, etc.