Hand Tools

Wrenches, ring wrenches, combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches, Allen wrenches, workshop screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, sockets, ratchet, impact sockets, bits, screwdrivers for electricians / VDE, multimeters, infrared thermometers , thermo-hygrometers, tachometers, devices for measuring temperature and humidity, luxmeter, sound level meters, voltage testers, pliers, pincers, pliers for electricians / VDE, scissors, stripping knives, crimping pliers circlip pliers, pop riveters, staplers, endoscopes, cutters, chisels, punches, handles and blades for deburring, guillotines, waterpump pliers, pipe cutter, sheet metal punches, pipe vices, hammers, nonsparking tools, bench vices , anvil, bearing extractors, screw clamps, lever clamps, levers, brushes, rollers, trowels, buckets, shovels, wheelbarrows, brooms, labeling machines, punches, markers, soldering stations, planes, linear, drills for wood, hacksaws, axes, devices for welding electrodes for welding , manometers, welding tables and protection panels, containers for substances, cooling systems for machines, compressed air pistols, hose clamps, pneumatic accessories (nipples, safety couplings), sprays  for cutting, cleaning and degreasing, adhesives, silicone, adhesives for sealing, epoxy, adhesive tapes, tapes for marking , sprays for marking, straps elevator elements, padlocks, boxes and bags for tools, flashlights, extension cords, cables, batteries, etc.